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False positive from Avast Mobile Security labeled genuine apps as malware

Lots of Avast Mobile Security users were getting false warnings about Trojans and Potentially Unwanted Programs, such as Android:SMSSend-DC[trj], Android:Gappusin-CD [Trj], Android:GinMaster-ABD [Trj], Android:GinMaster-CO[Trj], ELF:Lootor-C [PUP] on their mobile phones and tablets. Don’t worry, it’s an Avast problem, your device is not infected. It was confirmed by one of the Avast support members here.

unfortunatelly wrong virus definitions have been released for a brief amount of time. We are working on a fix and once it is released, I’ll let you know (so you can manually check for updates and don’t have to wait for the automatic process to kick in).

false avast mobile security

As you can see, Avast Mobile Security falsely detected Android system files and apps like Google Plus as malware. Some users couldn’t user their phones properly because of of the false warnings Avast was constantly giving. The Avast team released a fix a few hours ago. If you are still getting those false warnings, please update Avast manually.

Open Avast Mabile Security -> Settings -> Update -> and tap “Check for updates” to receive working definitions version 140109-01. You may still see “Malware found” on dashboard for some time after updating but it will clear itself once all the apps are re-scanned.

There’s no need to uninstall the app.

Important: hackers sometimes try to exploit such false positive and may offer “solutions” for the problem. For example, by using shady techniques, hackers manages to get infected webpages high in the search rankings if you hunt for information on the Avast Mobile Security false positive, including falsely reported malware names, let’s say Android:SMSSend-DC[trj].