WARNING: System may not have Malware protection scam

“WARNING: System may not have Malware protection” notification is a scam. Scammers use it to scare mobile and PC users into either downloading bogus security apps or promoting scam tech support. It usually appears randomly while browsing the web. The fake warning itself isn’t malicious but you shouldn’t follow the instructions it gives you.


WARNING: System may not have Malware protection
Your personal photos, Facebook and other personal passwords, as well as credit card information could be at risk!
For help removing Malware & Adware, call Tech support online right away: 1-888-654-5803

The phone number has already been reported by users as a scam which means scammers use it rather actively. The warning may be different for some users. In this case, it said that your computer might be infected with adware and malware that can steal your passwords and credit card details. That’s a typical tech support scam. Such phone numbers are rarely toll free and even if they were scammers use them to trick you into downloading bogus anti-virus software. Sometimes, they even install spyware in order to track your online activity.

In case you are constantly getting fake Your smart phone may have viruses from adult websites pop-ups on your phone or tablet, go to device’s Settings menu > Apps or Application manager (this may differ depending on your device). Uninstall apps that may display these pop-ups (recently installed). Most likely, your device is infected with adware. Also, scan your computer with reputable antivirus app.

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