Your smart phone may have viruses from adult websites pop-up ads

“Your smart phone may have viruses from adult websites” is yet another intrusive pop-up ad that tries to trick Android tablet and phone users into downloading shady apps. As far as I can tell, it targets tablet users more often than phone owners. It usually appears randomly while moving between web pages. Tapping your device is enough to trigger the ad, just like any other intrusive advertisement. Here’s the full text of the pop-up ad:

The page at says:

Your smart phone may have viruses from adult websites.
If left unresolved, this will cause slow performance, faster battery draining and total system failure.
Click OK to download the latest Clean Master from Google Play Store and remove the viruses now.

The web page at also detects your device model, for instance, “Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 user:” to make it look more genuine and reliable.

Needless to say, this pop-up warning about possible viruses on your device is completely false. Simply close it and do not download any apps. Most of the time, it pushes an app called Clean Master from Google Play store. In some cases, download location might be different. One way or another, this app is pretty much useless because it won’t make you phone or table run faster, it certainly won’t extend battery life and won’t protect from system failures.

In case you are constantly getting fake Your smart phone may have viruses from adult websites pop-ups on your phone or tablet, go to device’s Settings menu > Apps or Application manager (this may differ depending on your device). Uninstall apps that may display these pop-ups (recently installed). Most likely, your device is infected with adware. Also, scan your computer with reputable antivirus app.

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