virus warning on Android

Beware, it’s a fake virus warning that attempts to scare you into thinking that your phone or tablet is infected with malware, for example Trojan:MobileOS/Tapsnake. Scammers didn’t made it up, such infection exists and it’s pretty nasty. It can track your location and do other malicious stuff. However, in this case, scammers are only using it to scare you. They may use other threat names in the future. The fake pop up virus warning says:


A site you recently visited has infected your phone with (Trojan:MobileOS/Tapsnake).

Press OK to remove the threat. virus warning

If you click OK you will be redirected to another fake page that says “ANDROID WARNING”, then there’s an Android logo and a big button to REMOVE VIRUS.

fake android warning

Then you will be redirected to yet another page which pretends to scan your phone or tablet for virus: It’s not a pop up but a fake virus scanner. Just like the previous pop up it basically says the same thing – your computer is infected with Trojan:MobileOS/Tapsnake but this time in a more fancy and convincing way. The fake scanners says that Tapsnake virus scan steal your password and credit card information. Basic stuff actually, nothing really interesting or new. But, unfortunately it might work because it’s a new platform and users may not be aware of such things.

At the end, it says that you need to install an antivirus app to remove found malware from your Android device. At this point, users can be redirected to different fake antivirus apps. They usually promote more than one app. It could be Armor for Android or something different. The most important thing is to hit back button as soon as you get such fake pop-ups and do not install anything on your phone. It won’t hurt scanning your phone with reputable antivirus app from Google Play.

In case you are constantly getting fake pop-ups on your phone or tablet, go to device’s Settings menu > Apps or Application manager (this may differ depending on your device). Uninstall apps that may display these pop-ups. Most likely, your device is infected with adware that displays fake virus warning from

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