How to remove pop-up ads on your phone and tablet

If you start seeing pop-up advertisements from on your mobile phone or tablet then it could be that it’s infected with adware. There are quite a few pop-up ads, one of them says “WARNING! Your battery is too heat!” and another one says that your mobile device is infected.

(1) Virus Found

Download, Install, & Run a Complete Threat Scan Now. pop-up

One more saying that you supposedly need to update your app store.

Warning!!! Your APP store need update immediately.


All these pop-ups are fake. A simple web page can not scan your phone or tablet for viruses and it certainly can not check battery temperature. If you got any of these, simply close the pop-up or press the back button. Sometimes the pop-ups appear only on certain websites. If so, then there’s nothing to worry about. But if this has been happening again and again then it’s an adware issue. pop-ups offer different apps for different users. It can be apps from Google Play or from third party websites. Most of the time, it offers Android cleaners, Ram Booster and battery saving apps but it could be a ransom app from other stores too. From what I’ve seen so far none of these apps can actually make your phone or table run better or save battery life. Besides, very often such apps are free for a reason – then display ads. As far as I know only Android users are getting pop ups. Please correct me if I’m wrong. It’s very unlikely that iPhones could be targeted as well.

To remove the pop-up ads you need to uninstall an app or apps you’ve installed around the time that they started. Let’s say a wallpaper app or maybe a game. Go to device’s Settings menu > Apps or Application manager (this may differ depending on your device). Touch the app you’d like to uninstall. It might be a good idea to scan your device with antivirus app. Choose one from Google Play or download from the official site. Most of them are free.

Antivirus apps available on Google Play:

12 thoughts on “How to remove pop-up ads on your phone and tablet

  1. Skype – I had popups on a web page, saw this above and I too has recently installed Skype. Just removed it and popups stop. Coincidence or lucky timing but it is worth looking into.

  2. Hmm… When i visit www. with my android phone and select desktop version, lovelinks. Us advertisements always appear. isn’t it spyware or trojan?

    1. No, it’s not a trojan. It could be that dailymontion team allowed ads from third-party networks to show up on their site. It would make sense, especially if you get ads on dailymotion site only. You should report the issue and they will hopefully block lovelinks ads.

  3. I had this lovelinks. us popup only when I visit geekologie. com but only when I used chrome. Switching to Firefox to view this site stopped the silly messages. Google for a more detailed explanation.

  4. Does not work – uninstalled all the apps and even reset my phone twice with no apps installed. Still have the pop ups. Please advise.

    1. Do you get pop-ups on all websites? Maybe it’s just one particular site that cannot manage ad network properly. You could also scan your phone with antivirus app but since you already reset it I don’t think it’s malware issue.

  5. Not all the sites, maybe one in ten. Which is still very annoying. I have tried several antivirus apps, malware detectors and ad blockers to no end. Have pop ups even after a fresh reset and installed nothing else. Very lost on what else to do.

    1. This is very strange indeed. It would be great if you could post at least a few sites that you think may be related to this issue. I mean those sites that you’ve visited and got the lovelinks pop-ups.

  6. I have only recently started getting this lovelinks .us popup on just one site: brown eyed baker. I’ll let site know and see what happens.

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