Fake boostyourwifi.com pop-up ads and virus warnings on Android

Today I found a few more websites that display fake pop-up ads and virus warnings on Android devices, one of them is boostyourwifi.com. It uses almost exactly the same method as lovelinks.us but the fake scanner pages are a lot more sophisticated. They clearly try to mimic antivirus apps.

The first fake virus warning page says that your Android might be at serious risk. It supposedly scanned your Android device and found 3 viruses in the system folder and 3 more in downloaded files folder. It also found 5 apps that are probably malicious. Scan results are completely false. Besides, this fake virus scanner lists the same number of infections for every single visitor which means it doesn’t actually scan the device.


Here’s the second one, titled Android Mobile Security, warns you that your phone’s memory is running low. Only 8% left. To solve the issue it recommends you to install some kind of antivirus app.

boostyourwifi memory low

The third fake warning asks you if your phone is running slow and reports once again you are running out of memory. Recommendation is the same – download antivirus app.

boostyourwifi android slow

And the last warning says that your Android is running low on memory. Only 8% left, install recommend app to clean your phone.

android running low

All these pop-ups and fake scanners promote an app called Clean Master. It’s available on Google Play and it’s free. Developer is KS Mobile. The app has lots of downloads, likes and positive reviews. Maybe it’s a good app, I don’t know. But the way it is being promoted makes me skeptical about this app. Of course, those who promote apps in such a shady way can redirect users to random apps. Today it’s a Clean Master, tomorrow could be something else. Be careful and choose wisely what to install on your Android phone or tablet. Sometimes pop-ups and fake scanners appear only on certain websites. If so, then there’s nothing to worry about. But if this has been happening again and again then it’s an adware issue. In such case, you need to uninstall suspicious apps from your device and run an antivirus app.

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  1. Today i faced with this issue on my galaxy s4 and i suddenly decided to download this Clean master app with that panic. Thanx for this explanation

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